Happy New year

My Friends,

2016 was quite a year! For those of you who were there at XANGO Rush 2015, my partner, Gordon Morton threw out one of the biggest announcements of convention: 2016 would be a year of change. Of course, the changes Gordon was speaking of were changes that would set the XANGO World in motion, and it would be designed to take our company to a whole new level.

2016 was a year of change. For the world, and for XANGO. We‘ve said goodbye to some old friends and associates. At the same time, we’ve welcomed new friends in our customer and distributor networks, and we have seen new leadership emerge. Thousands of distributors have a new rank compared to the beginning of the year. We’ve said goodbye to some products and product lines. At the same time, we’ve introduced new concepts and product categories to the marketplace.

In June, we unveiled our new extract line, XANGO PiiX (Put it in XANGO). Since that time, we have introduced a dozen new formulas specifically designed to assist the body to be the best it can be. Many of these formulations will roll out to the international arena in 2017. And the expansion of XANGO PiiX is just beginning. You can expect this line to at least double in 2017 and again in 2018.

This year we unveiled our exclusive XANGO, 2 Minute Miracle. We introduced the world to its formulator, founder and superstar, Shelly Maguire.  Simple to use with instant results, is it any wonder why we have made the 2 Minute Miracle the flagship product of the XANGO Aeris Brand? And it’s coming to your region. Welcome Korea. Next stop? Europe.

XANGO, Piix, Aeris and XALO Pro. We have the fiercest line up in the world of networking and professional industry experts have taken notice. XANGO just received a triple A+ rating from direct selling news source, Business For Home. 

2017 marks the beginning of what we refer to as XANGO 2.0. This is the next generation of XANGO creation and you are a part of it. In October we announced that 2017 would be a year wherein we double our sales. Well we’ve already set the movement in motion and you can be a part of it. What does that mean for you? Phenomenal opportunity. You can put in as much or as little effort as you want, the choice is yours!  

New products. New categories. New markets. New leadership. New energy. And our patented, life-changing formula of XANGO Juice. In a world of change, there is something you can count on not changing, the XANGO Juice formula and the phenomenal results. Our great achievement in introducing mangosteen to the world is now enhanced with the surrounding products and product lines that serve to enhance the overall category. 

And there’s more coming. Be on the lookout for a new IT system (already launched in Korea) to facilitate your business in every way. Watch for new marketing and social media campaigns that are designed to simplify your approach to the business. And don't forget that we have our big event coming up in Las Vegas the first of June--BE. Need we say more? BE amazing. BE successful. BE healthy. BE active. BE happy. BE what you want.

Before that day comes we have a lot more to do.  Starting in January, VISTA is coming to a region near you. Canada, The United States, Colombia, Mexico, Europe, South Africa and parts of Asia. That's a lot of territory to cover. Beyond that, XANGO Paradise awaits. Meet us in Greece, The Mascarene Islands (Mauritius) and the Dominican Republic. 

We are grateful to all of you for being a part of such an amazing company. We look back at 2016 with gratitude. We look forward to an amazing 2017, providing you with the very best that XANGO has to offer.

God bless you. Happy New Year. Be safe and we will see you soon.

Aaron Garrity