XANGO European Paradise Trip


XANGO European Paradise Trip

We like to call it the "trip of a lifetime" — but XANGO gives you a "lifetime" every year! Celebrate your awesome accomplishments... Enjoy an exotic locale... Spend time with XANGO friends old and new... And then come back and do it again. You already want to build a successful business with XANGO, and the Paradise trip is one more treat to enjoy along the way: As you advance in rank you are earning your way towards another exciting trip to XANGO Paradise.

LOCATION: Rhodes, Greece
VENUE: Marquise Luxury Resort*****
EVENT DATES: Check in - April 20, 2017  Check out - April 23, 2017
QUALIFICATION PERIOD: September 1, 2016 – February 28, 2017 (6 months)

Advance your rank, using August 2016 paid rank as the base month, and book your ticket to XANGO Paradise!

  • Pre 5K to 5K - Shared Room in all-inclusive formula
  • 5K to 10K - Shared Room (Double Room when DYOD Bonus Achieved) in all-inclusive formula
  • 10K to 15K & 15K to 20K - Double Room in all-inclusive formula + 100Euro Travel Cash
  • 20K to 30K & 30K to 40K -  Upgraded Double Room in all-inclusive formula + 200Euro Travel Cash
  • 40K to Premier - Upgraded Double Room in all-inclusive formula + 300Euro Travel Cash
  • Premier to  Premier 60K, 70K, etc. - Upgraded Double Room+ Extra Day in all-inclusive formula + 400Euro Travel Cash 

*Must keep new rank for 3 months. Nonconsecutive months are permitted.
**Upgraded Room based on availability.

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